LEJOG - May 2017

Discussion in 'Lands End to John O'Groats (LEJOG)' started by Tenacious Sloth, 15 Jan 2017.

  1. Tenacious Sloth

    Tenacious Sloth Über Member

    Huntingdon, UK
    I've booked a LEJOG with Peak Tours 6-21 May this year.

    I'm averaging 6-7k miles per year with a couple of Imperial centuries and many rides in the 50-70 mile range, so not expecting too many problems with riding 70 miles per day for a couple of weeks.

    Did have the option of 100 miles a day for 10 days, but think the extra time in the evenings for a 'few beers' should make the trip more enjoyable. :whistle:

    Will probably do some more hill training to make sure Cornwall and Devon don't catch me out and will probably have a 34/32 low gear for emergencies.

    Anyone used Peak Tours recently or got any useful tips for the trip?

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  2. sultzer

    sultzer Active Member

    probably pass you going the other way at some point you will not miss us , watch out for a couple of scottish flags
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