Lets see the cockpit

Rusty Nails

We remember
Here and there

Behind bars
Bars on an upside down 75° Cinelli track stem to get them as high as possible. Cheap tri bars which are more to do with having an extra resting position rather than any aero advantage. Plastic pipe bridge across the tri bars and a further bridge to the handlebars all attached with zip ties.

1 x Garmin 200 and 1 x Garmin eTrex 30 - belt and braces is my favoured approach with Garmin. Lights are Fenix LT10. eTrex and lights use same eneloop rechargeables and served me well through last winter while doing a Randonneur Round the Year award.


Riders view


Side on to show bar height. That's an Alpkit blinky light on the head tube btw.
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