lidl cycling sun glasses?


Realising my current cheapo cycling glasses are causing my eyes massive strain, I've been keeping an eye open quite literally for some new ones. Saw some in Lidl earlier, 6.99 they were but had interchangeable lenses for different conditions. Anyone tried them? I'm tempted to pick them up and test my vision by driving up to Barnard Castle.


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A friend turned up with some on today***. He said they were pretty good.

***Before anyone brings up the coronavirus thing... He needed to use some of my tools to fix his bike. I didn't let him into the house, and he worked 3+ metres from me in my back yard.


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As long as they are comfortable then worth buying for that cheap price. It should be a given that they will have 100% UV protection.
I have some Crane ones from Aldi and they're the only ones i use for cycling. Also have pairs in the tailpacks on my motorcycles for when i i'm off the bike somewhere.

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I've found the Lidl ones (maybe not the same - come in a fairly hard case) a bit bulky but entirely functional, comfortable, and eye shading (single 'wraparound' lens - so not so good for wearing them and carrying a clear lens for overnight). Sports Direct have 'Muddy Fox' ones (4x2 lenses) always 'reduced' at about 8 quid. Not as 'good' as more expensive ones eg dhb but satisfies my set of needs/considerations.


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I just picked up a pair of lidl ones and really like them, just using the orange lens to reduce glare and offer uv protection. Also they have 2 different styles mixed in together, one type has the frameless lenses but I don’t like these after having a pair before were the lens would keep dropping out. The other style have full frames which I think are more sturdy

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If these are these crivet ones?

20200530_152140 (2).jpg

I bought these from Lidl a few years ago. Come with 2 types of mirror lenses and the yellow ones. Also the arms can be swapped for an elasticated band. I find them comfortable. Stay clear when riding and are very secure on the face.

Only issues was snapping the lenses in and out. Quite tricky. Ended up buying another pair and keeping the different lenses in them. Believe they cost £5 - £6.


I've bought two of Lidl ones now and really don't rate them. They only last around a year before the frames snap. The weak spot of them always seems to be the plastic bit that goes across the bridge of your nose. I thought the set was maybe a "Friday afternoon batch" but the second set did exactly the same. Sorry to sound negative but I thought its best to give you my honest opinion
My experience of Lidl and Aldi ones, often costing as little as £3.99, is good.
So well well worth it.
There are standards for lenses so I tend to think they will be as good as any others, costing way way more.
As noted above, though, changing lenses can be a real fag on some cheapo glasses and the frames may not be up to repeated changing.
So get more than one pair, with different lenses fitted - keep the unswapped lenses as spares.


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My longest lived sunglasses were some wraparound style Raybans, had them for around ten years I think. They'd definitely used up their 9 lives and then some. When I sold my Mini back there, I left them tucked in the sun visor, and the new owner had to send them back to me. Dropped them countless times and was always mislaying them. When I moved over here they were still going strong. Visiting a friend's house I used the loo, and as I leaned over to flush they slipped out of my pocket and disappeared down the u-bend. I stared in disbelief, thinking that was it, but a few seconds later they reappeared! A quick wash and they were good to go again. Eventually an arm broke off them, fatigue I guess. Anyways, there's no way I'm spending a hundred quid or so for a pair now, cheap charlie for me 😎


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i've had a pair for a few months with the changeable lenses. Haven't changed the lenses all too often but it's been easy to do. One of the lenses has shown a slight crack in the corner but crack hasn't got any bigger over time. Been worth the money so far I'd say; I think they were like, what, £7?
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