lighting stoves matches or other means?


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Not being a smoker I would only think of using matches it would never occure to me to use a lighter to light a stove. until yesterday. I was out cycle-walking and came across in my path in a small nature park I have never visited before one of those small cheap plastic non fillable lighters almost full of fuel. So I took it home to have a play around with it. Quite a useful little tool I think. Rather than use the lighter to light a stove how to transfer the small flame to the stove ( dont want the stove to blow up the lighter)?


I usually use a lighter I found somewhere.
There's no general problem with using a lighter rather than a match, other than your fingers being closer to the flame when the stove lights (worst with Trangias, which have to be lit from above). Best if you can adjust the flame so it's about an inch or so.
The lighter itself isn't going to catch fire or explode, unless you drop it on the stove and it doesn't just fall off.

One thing to note is that they use pure butane, which doesn't work below zero. If it's cold, keep it in a pocket rather than in the pannier with the stove.

[ETA] I take a firesteel as well as backup, but the lighter has the significant advantage of allowing one-handed use.
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Try a "jet lighter". They send out a powerful long flame and they can be refilled. I've used them as micro-blowtorches to strip paint out of stubborn screwheads. Far more fun than a 99p BICC.
Slightly OT sorry OP, but I bought one of those off Amazon to do heat shrink on the car I'm building, absolutely useless, very disappointed, very difficult to light, goes out in the slightest breeze, goes out if you turn it upside down. I think it's this specific one as I've had them in the past which were great, but this one looks identical to the one in the image.


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What about a Swedish firesteel, works when absolutely sodden, and in an emergency will get a fire going, never needs refueling and the spark shower is mightily impressive, I've lit fires, Trangias and gas BBQ's with one.
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Beat me to it. I've used one for years, no chance of damp, or running out of gas in a lighter.
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