Little Holdsworth.


That's in nice original condition.
What a lovely bike.I love to see old steel bikes in original nick.
Shows how far we have come in some respects however.
They are still great bikes and have stood the test of time.when many of the newer replacements have bit the dust.


That's really lovely, and will clean up beautifully.
My favourite part about it? The fact it hasn't got a lamp bracket boss on the front forks - can't stand 'em, and they spoil the lines of so many otherwise beautiful bikes. ;)


Interesting point. I just assumed the bike was an Equipe in Team orange/kingfisher colours. However, the Equipe usually had a lamp boss. Wonder what it is?


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Nice. :becool:

Very nice, but looks much older than the date stamp on the hub though!

People have been buying 'new stuff' to repair/upgrade their bikes for years, it's not a modern phenomenonenon. :whistle:

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45 years would make it 1975 . The red label Weinmann centre pulls, GB stem are similar to mine although the brake levers and hoods and front changers look later .
I would put it in that period as well, fancy "C" on seat post clamp bolt, Weinmann center pull brakes, GB stem, quite similar to my 1971 Falcon and !973 Corso. Rear Derailleur might have a date on it.


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I don't see a serial mentioned. Should be on BB. Very likely that frame serial will identify circa date of production and help narrow catalogue search for model. Agree looks like an Equipe. Should check out dwscrimshaw's serial number thread:
Here's link to his data and latest edition of prediction table. Has over 700 Holdsworth frames:
I've been working along with Dave and recently with PeachyPm of Retrobike have developed a Claud Butler prediction as well that is also now included in Dave's table. Here is pic of his latest Holdsworth/CB prediction table which could be subject to future updates:


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