Local new active travel route think they got lost along the way.


Every time you ask about better cycle ways my local ward clowns kept saying they are busy working hard. On active travel route from the interchange to the hospital after 21/2 years it's arrived.
To walk it's about 10-20 mins depending without it.
To cycle it's about 10 mins if you go via the main road or part back street way missing a set of lights maybe a bit quicker.
So here go's bare with me the whole route is achieved via magic blue signs only.

Going from the interchange

Come out and cross a main road with two lanes of live traffic. Up a back street which has before has access for vehicles both ways. it's wide enough for walking down both sides. Now one side is for bikes other perdestions.
Get to top dismount cross main road then up a side street as before still with vehicle access. Which also as before is one way (down not up) pavement now has one side for bikes other pedestrians. (note the same route is used coming back but no signs saying which side is for bikes at the other end) No signs warning vehicles you may meet a bike coming the other way.

Once at the top dismount cross another main road. Then push your bike up an alley way (in case you cycle the 4 ft to it they have a cyclist dismount sign). Said path is not wide enough for one person walking never main anything else. Then at the top join the other alley way again pushing your bike only. Once at the other end which is a very quite residential street. Get back on and ride the pavement to end of said street. If you have room due to on street parking zones.

Once at the end turn right along the pavement a few yards cross a main road dismount .As the next bit of pavement is just to stop anyone ending up in the road over the railway bridge. Cross at the cross roads then back on the pavement towards the hospital. Again you'd be lucky to ride it never mind walk it. Once at the top dismount and depending which side you went up either once or twice cross a very busy road at the cross roads.
The hospital is then in front of you. But you've still got to get into the car park or entrance which is along the main road in front of it. The route ends just before the cross roads so your own after that.

I maybe wrong but not sure this is going to get used much.


Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next
With all those dismount signs, which are explicitly discouraged by Local Transport Note 1/20 "Cycling Infrastructure Design", plus all the delays of crossings - with no priority by the sounds of it - I would be asking your ward clowns why they're not worried about being assessed as poor by Active Travel England and losing a proportion of their whole transport budget, as threatened by the "Gear Change" active travel policy!


Aren't you in Bolton @tom73 ?
Do you have links to said route?
No I very much on the right side of the Pennines thank you very much. :smile:
I don’t have the route no official stuff promoting it has come out i‘d have to mark it up on google. That’s if I don’t get lost mapping it out. :smile:


On the plus side, your clowns have a plan. Cheshire East seem to be floundering in consulation. Strangely, car drivers object to anything that promotes cycling. Comments include “the majority of cyclists are drug dealers” and "if any cyclists turn up they will be in the way". A large number of comments are along the lines of "no-one walks or cycles there so why put in special provisions" - without any shred of irony.
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