FNRttC London to Shoreham Friday 2nd June 2017

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    More likely an attempt to summon something up, was my take on it. And as I said at the time, I can't mock 'em for their weird beliefs and practices as I'm a Roman Catholic.
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    Thought it was one of them British Military Fitness things
  3. although they may have been having a moment of madness
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  4. hatler

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    I thought it was Labour MPs soliciting badgers, or have I got that wrong ?
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    That was Ron Davies - both Clapham and badgers
  6. OP
    Flying Dodo

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    Tagging this info here, as it's probably the most appropriate place.

    Local residents had raised issues about a planning application that was put in last summer for a massive new housing development north-west of Shoreham Airport which would also put in an Ikea. To ease traffic safety concerns, they were also proposing to close the junction with Coombes Road which is the nice little windy road we drop down from Steyning to then cross the A27. Amongst all the letters submitted as part of the consultation were quite a few objections to this.

    In further planning documents, West Sussex County Council have noted that the revised plans now include a proposal to obtain planning permission to upgrade the footpath running alongside the river from the old Toll bridge to a bridleway to then go under the A27, then run west alongside the north side of the A27, to connect onto the closed off junction of Coombes Road.

    However, they've flagged up that not enough information is proved about the proposal to be sure it complies with the local plan for improving sustainable means of travel.

    A bridleway isn't a proper 3m wide paved shared use path! Therefore please can anyone concerned about the lack of proper cycling provision to cross the A27 there submit their comments by 17th February either by email to Adur & Worthing Council at planning@adur-worthing.gov.uk, or online at www.adur-worthing.gov.uk/planning/applications/comment/ quoting Ref. AWDM/0961/17 (although you have to register to do that online).

    Feel free to stress the lack of information about a vague bridleway, which won't be adequate for cyclists, and so a proper tarmac path should be required to be built.

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    South coast, UK
    The trouble is that the new proposal is still a huge detour, just in the other direction, which is not such a great problem for cyclists or horse riders (although still annoying compared to what we have now) but a real pain for walkers. The new proposed riverside route also has a reputation for flooding.

    Set against that, on the subject of surfacing, there is a sort of precedent in a nearby route that has been created to provide an alternative to crossing the busy Steyning bypass, which is a pleasant meander through a meadow and under an existing road bridge. It has been well constructed and surfaced, as has the new section of the Downslink from the toll bridge at Shoreham into the town centre.
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  8. mmmmartin

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    does anyone have a GPX track of this route?
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