FNRttC London to Shoreham Friday 2nd June 2017

Discussion in 'CycleChat and Recreational Rides' started by Flying Dodo, 7 May 2017.

  1. mmmmartin

    mmmmartin Random geezer

    OK @binstedman you and the other first timers will have an email asking what you thought of it. Glad you liked it. Not all FNRttC are as warm and not asll breakfasts are as nice, but everyone is just as friendly.
  2. User1252

    User1252 Guest

    Could you do some doubling back, make a loop during the halfway break, that sort of thing?
  3. SandySnake

    SandySnake Active Member

    @srw Sent you a GPX file for the whole route
  4. Bollo

    Bollo Chaaaaaa!

    I feel your pain. I've only ever done a couple of FNRttCs, and only @StuAff 's excellent IoW ride recently, but I always struggle with the day after. I'm prone to insomnia so anything that plays silly buggers with my routine has to be considered.
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  5. SandySnake

    SandySnake Active Member

    @mmmmartin Submitted the mandatory route earlier in the week but not heard anything back from Paul Stewart. Not surprised as he will have been busy finalising preps for is Ditchling Devil Audax today.
  6. srw

    srw It's a bit more complicated than that...

    Now that I've had a bit of time to process Friday night and Saturday morning, here are some thoughts.

    Compared with other rides to

    Thank you.

    Part of that wasn't ready to post....
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  7. User1252

    User1252 Guest

    Are you sure?
  8. OP
    Flying Dodo

    Flying Dodo It'll soon be summer

    Sorry - entirely my fault in not warning the back about a high speed incoming cyclist at some point during the ride, as Andrew had pre-warned me.
  9. SandySnake

    SandySnake Active Member

    In future I think that if I wanted to combine a FNRttC and a DIY Audax I'd volunteer to join the recce ride. The one recce ride I did with Adam to Felpham last year left HPC at 1am and the pace was a little brisker with fewer/zero re-grouping stops. Breakfast was great that day as well.
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  10. TinyMyNewt

    TinyMyNewt An execrable pun

    South coast, UK
    Alas, I won't be there this year, sorry :sad:.
  11. Tim Hall

    Tim Hall Guru

    How did the Edifice compare to previous visits? They're under new management/there's been a palace coup y'see.
  12. TinyMyNewt

    TinyMyNewt An execrable pun

    South coast, UK
    Very good. Tables and chairs; seating for everyone so no one needed to sit on the floor! Free refills of tea and coffee!
  13. StuAff

    StuAff Silencing his legs regularly

    Rather excellent. Sandwiches were bought in but perfectly good, decent cake and flapjack (portions of the latter a little small but they handed out what was left at the end, which made up for that!), reasonable prices & as TMN has noted free tea refills. Helpers were very friendly.
  14. mmmmartin

    mmmmartin Random geezer

  15. User1252

    User1252 Guest

    I am sure I recognised at least one face.
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