Long Covid......anyone else suffering ?

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Ms P and I both caught Covid a year ago, I recovered, initially Ms P seemed to- then she started to feel fatigued, she would improve a little and try walking a little way which would lead to a several days of even worse fatigue. She has tinnitus, some other associated symptoms. For a while she couldn't do much at all, hardly left the flat. Recently though she has been taking short walks- really short- and has been OK. The whole thing is a long story- she has been to the GP multiple times (a lot of Ubers and taxis) even got a referral for an MRI scan. She uses an HRM to track recovery.

She bought an E-bike last week- today she rode it for the first time to Sainsbury's- 0.7 miles away- so hopefully she can start getting outside again-- will have to see how she recovers over the next couple of days but today we're happy.

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Yep. Taste and smell fundamentally changed in autumn 2020


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Thanks for posting this Dave, and thanks for the blood tests link Presta.

I haven't been around here since a delayed auto-immune reaction after covid, since cycling is off my radar. It's taken me 18 months doing the rounds to get a diagnosis of vasculitis, and that's not the whole of it.

I am remarkably sanguine now, but anger surfaces at the lack of informed advice at the time. I had ME in the past and should have realised hard physical work was not sensible even though I felt ok and tested negative after a couple of weeks.
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