Long Wheelbase home build For Sale


I built this about seven years ago and have ridden about 500 miles on it. I realised the fun was in building the bike following plans available on the Recycled Recumbent website. For the last two years she’s been gathering dust in the garage. Because this type of bike is rather specialist I thought I’d post here rather than in general sales area. What’s it worth? I’d be happy with £150 but the buyer needs to collect from Aberdeenshire. Mods, if that’s broken rules feel free to relocate the post.



Nice looking lwb , I guess it gives a smooth ride , good luck with the sale , I would think it will go priced like that.

regards Emma

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I’ve got one of those too and I’m only in a neighbouring county! Mine was built by the designer, AD Carson and shipped over here as a frame by its previous owner, sold to me as a a frame. For a bike made up of recycled other bikes, it’s remarkably quick and the long wheelbase gives a very comfortable ride. It’s also (quite a bit) lighter than my Fuego even if it’s not as aero. Lovely machine, and every one is unique. That’s a really good price for a very capable machine... anyone interested should have a look at ADC’s Recycled Recumbent pages.


ADC is a top bloke sharing plans, knowledge and enthusiasm. Occasionally go down to the midlands to see relatives. Nothing planned for next few months. Will update thread if anything gets planned.
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