Look who's coming to dinner....


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Yarm, Cleveland
you can invite 3 people to dinner, alive or dead ....who would you choose.

Im going for

James Stewart (actor...wonderful life, harvey etc etc)

Mohammed Ali


Dave Grohl (foo fighters frontman and nicest man in rock)


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Bromley, Kent
Morgan Freeman,
My Grandad who past away 10 years ago.
and Nadine from Girls aloud for a bit of after dinner fun.
User482 said:
Al Gore
Alan Rusbridger

:evil: Can we have George Monibot come over for afters?


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Maradona for the laugh and to celebrate his genius and then his spectacular fall from grace.
Jesus Christ, to see some miracles and to ask some pertinent questions about the afterlife.
Raquel Welch (in her 1MBC time) as she was the sexiest damn broad ever to grace the silver screen.

Knowing my luck Maradona would OD and I'd have to clean up the mess, whilst JC and RW nipped off for a quickie on my bed.


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Colne, Lancs
I don't want to invite a tiger. If my childhood has taught me anything it's: do not invite a tiger around for tea, you'll be eaten out of house and home. Or, perhaps, always invite a tiger for tea as you'll get taken out for dinner after. Maybe a synthesis of the two? Invite a tiger for tea when you want to go out, as then you'll have a reason to eat out. Perhaps I am reading too much into it.

I'd have:
Richard Dawkins
My Great great Uncle Gaston - the black sheep of the family who noone knows nothing about, as noone was allowed to speak about him.

I'd have a nice old chatter with Gaston and let Richard Dawkins go head to head with Jesus.
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