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Dr Jon

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Well I though this was the most appropiate place to post this.

Basically I am thinking of joining a cycle club. Not sure if many on here are from the Leicester area, but if you are and know if any clubs please post a message.

I have found Leicester spokes, but am slightly unsure of just turning up one day for one of the outings.

So if any one can offer some assitance I would be grateful.

The Doc
Hi, I think Hilldodger 'of this parish' may have some idea - I think he's Leicester man. I know he has a direct line to Sky Sports beauties so he's worth knowing...:sad:

Edit: From his page:
Cycling Historian/Cyclemagic co-founder...
yes - Leicester!

Dr Jon

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Thanks for the replys. I am just a commuter and and a mountain biker. Just looking for people to ride with for fun more than anything, somehow dont think I would make much of a racer. I have emailed Leicester spokes and recieved a reply inviting me to one of their newbie easier nights. I will most likely tag along to one of these and see how it goes.

Lets hope I can keep with the pace.
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