Looking for participants for a survey for my Bachelor Thesis


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Dear CycleChat Community,

I'm a German student writing my Bachelor Thesis at the moment. Overall, the topic is about adapting website elements (in my case texts and pictures) to different cultural backgrounds.
In this manner, I have designed two surveys, or respectively, tests to adapt one product discription and product pictures to the English culture. Unfourtunatly, I have not yet received enough response from English participants. As both elements are related to road cycling, I have decided to give it a try to look for participants within the Cycle Chat community.

I would really appreciate if some of you could help me with my dissertation by participating in my survey. It is not a great effort, as both test together don't take longer than 7-8 minutes.

In the first test you will get three versions of a text discribing a road bike. Your task would then be to mark those words, sentences or text passages green which you like and those red which you dislike.
The second test shows five illustrations of the road bike discribed in test one. Here your task would only be to have a look at each picture and rate it according to your preferences.
So, you can see, it's really no great job compared to the help you would provide!

If you are interested and would like to participate, please let me now, either via a reply to this message, via a personal message or via e-mail (sebastian.frommherz(at)web.de).

I would greatly appreciate your help!

Best regards from Germany,
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