Lost my cycling mojo...

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
The thrill has gone...
Temporarily I think, but I've just lost my desire to get on the bike, whether on the Turbo, riding the very short commute to work or taking the best bike out for a quick sprint.
Maybe it's the change in the weather, or just a bit of general fatigue. Maybe I need a break from cycling for a week or two.
I certainly need to do some exercise soon cos I'm becoming a Flab-Foodie!

Poke me with a virtual stick and get my cycling Mojo going again!
no can do... mine is awol as well. been struggling all year to get going and it's upped and left again. when i am riding, it's lovely, but it's the getting on the bike... i get into the ennui gear before i even get going.
Ok in no particualr motivational order:

1) Take a short break without guilt
2) Remind yourself that the pain of starting again is real, that it will take you 3 times as long as you've taken off just to get back to where you were and it's taken a lot of effort already to get to where you are!
3) Lob the bike in the car and go and do a ride you really fancy, just the nice bit with no slog there and back.
4) Do some mtn biking or trail rides just for something different.
5) Buy a new accessory you just have to use

failing all that.....




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Nothing virtual about this here pitch fork:



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My mojo is definately awol at the moment after my recent paternity leave. On the ride home last night I almost got off to wait for a bus home as I felt close to bonking and was losing the will to ride.

I'm going to tempt said mojo back on pay day with some new mudguards and swanky overshoes and if that doesn't work.... Voodoo!


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Bromley, Kent
a new toy always helps bring back that lost feeling, get some new lights or a new baselayer or something, it need'nt be expensive. but a week or two week break will do you good.


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Unless I knew better I would say you were almost certainly hitting the menopause. Have you been experiencing any hot flushes and/or violent mood swings?


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Had my first ride for 5 weeks on Sunday following a knee injury, and the spark had definately returned - I loved every minute of it and can't wait until the weekend. A break might do you good.

I also find that getting my the following years sportives helps me as it gives me a goal to ride for rather than just aimlessly plodding.
Fab Foodie

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
domtyler said:
Unless I knew better I would say you were almost certainly hitting the menopause. Have you been experiencing any hot flushes and/or violent mood swings?

Funny you should mention that...

What age does the menopause start?

Good suggestions regarding a new purchase...bit cash-strapped at the mo but anm tempted to get new forks to get the fixie re-activated...Mmmm
Nothing like a quick fix for the MOJO!

Good to know I'm not the only one a bit down on the cycling front...I'll pull myself together!


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Have you not noticed the weather??? It's gone from being lovely and autumnal to cold, dark and wintry, which is great for getting me in the Christmas mood but kills off any desire to get on me bike!

I've just accepted that I'll do loads less cycling in Winter and try to do other forms of exercise to keep me going (gyms....hmmm...nice and warm) and get out every sunny weekend to remember why I love cycling.

Don't beat yourself up..it's FREEZING
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