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Have just been given a brand new pair of Montana xt3 mmtb shoes very comfy, has anybody had any experience of these? Any feedback would be appreciated ^_^


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No idea on the shoes but I have a pair of LG mitts that are very nice. Well finished and comfy.


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Why do you need feedback? You have the shoes, how about you tell us about them?:tongue:

FWIW I have a pair of LG team carbon road shoes and aside from some dodgy stitching which I fixed with some fabric glue, they're fantastic. Very comfy and stiff as anything. They have hot and cold weather insoles but tbh I'm not sure how much difference they make.


I have a pair of their Winter Ergo Grip Boots. Very stiff and well made. Don't use the front studs supplied but no complaints so far. Not yet worn them this Winter yet. Gez


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Really like Louis Garneau kit, I got some MTB shoes a year ago and they are so comfy. I can spend hours in them. Really well made and comfortable.
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