Lower Thames St/London Bridge


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Another one of us is down, right outside my office.
Another tipper truck, and the road has now been closed for 3 hours, so not looking good

What is odd though is this is a straight bit of road, no turnings, with a cycle lane


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Do you mean the road that runs down from the Tower? I've just looked on Google street view and I can't see a cycle lane.

EDIT: cancel that, I didn't realise that the main road was also Lower Thames Street. Traffic news gives the location as the junction of LT Street and Fish Street Hill.
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So is LBC

A3211 Lower Thames Street Westbound At A3 (London Bridge)
Slow traffic due to earlier accident, a motorcycle and pedestrian involved. All lanes have been re-opened

Not that motorbike vs ped is ever good either :sad:


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so a more vulnerable road user can cause a less vulnerable one to be badly injured.

hope the M/cyclist recovers well.
My totally factless presumption is that the bike wasn't hanging about, the ped walked in front of it, bike clips the ped while taking evasive action and then rider ends up hitting kerb, road furniture or another vehicle. From riding (and crashing) a motorbike a bit (and having lots of friends who have done the same), you're unlikely to get 'life threatening' unless you hit something hard and come to a sudden stop and it's tough to do yourself serious damage (unless you're very unlucky) travelling slowly.

Of course it could be the biker single vehicled and the ped's injuries are from being hit by the out of control bike.

All conjecture. Anyway, I thought 'less vulnerable road users can't cause injuries' was just one of those Cycle Chat 'known myths' and I'm not sure anyone would argue that peds can't cause cyclists injury.
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