Making a complaint without video?


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On the commute home today I was passed by a lorry very closely, enough for it to make me swear loud enough so people filling up their cars in a petrol station to take notice! I have had a close call or two since starting commuting 5 or 6 weeks ago, but with this incident I was to make a formal complaint against the driver.

I attached an md80 to the helmet last night, and when I reached my destination I found that it had turned itself off. I have written down the time company name and road this all happened on, but if I find I don't have evidence is there any point in pursuing this?

I did move my head towards his number plate but didn't write it down because I thought the cam was still on :wacko:


I recently complained to a large company about being cut-up by an HGV. No video evidence, but I did remember the reg. You have the location and approximate time, they can work out the rest.

I sent an email to the CEO and got a surprisingly good response. If you don't get a reply in a day then phone them.


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It is worth contacting the company with the details and explaining what happened.

I had a near miss with a Tesco's lorry. They didn't see the video, but did respond well to the complaint.

I wouldn't bother reporting it to the Police though. My experience has always been poor, with or without a video. If the company handle it well (eg. warn the driver so they're aware) then that's a good outcome and I'd just leave it at that.
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