Manitou Magnum Front shocks maintenance (around 2002ish?)

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by MountainSide, 15 Jul 2018.

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    I have these on my Marin hybrid from around 2002 (give or take a couple of years) They work fine but have started to have a very slight squeek. Not really a problem at this stage but anyone any advice on maintenance? Is it just a case of taking the spring out (left side) clean and regrease? Is the oil likely to be a problem - I see the manual suggests replacement every year (which has never been done) Assuming I have the right model that even has oil???. I have taken the spring out to look at it but I just put it all back together without changing anything. I have not gone as far as looking for/at the oil.

    I do have Weldtite TF2 lithium grease, is that any good for the spring or do I need something more specific?

    Am I going to have problems needing to replace old seals and washers etc if I start stripping it all down? Should I just leave it alone?

    It does have microlube ports but I assume it is easier doing manually. Do I need to do the right side too, without the spring?

    Only other thing, when using the adjuster to make the ride firmer, the screw just keeps on turning. Is there a fix for that or is it a broken part? That was the other reason I took it apart in the past, to see if the adjuster was actually doing anything - it does but just keeps going around in that direction.

    So the main question, is there any easy fix to the squeak, without risking doing any damage or should I just leave it until it gets worse?

    I have tried cleaning the forks under the boots and putting on some oil but that made no difference/

    I found the following manual but I'm not sure if it is the same model. It looks about right. As I said, I have only taken out the spring before from the top on the left, checking the oil seems a lot more complicated?
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