Maps for touring France and UK

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Whsilt I am a big fan of my Garmin (Edge 1030) that I will be using for LEJOG next month, it does require anal levels of planning (which I am fine with) and if you have to divert for any reason (accommodation/mechnical etc) can be a fiddle. So I like to have maps on my bar bag, of decent detail but cheap!

Solution that works a treat is an out of date atlas at big scale out of which you cut the right pages. Then bin them as you go (or keep)

Something like this for the UK and this for France

Backed up by Google maps and etc

Happy touring!


Carbon fibre... LMAO!!!
Philips Road Atlas does a very good job of showing up even minor roads in clear detail. Almost OS clarity.
Agree - ventured up many a small track with those in my car driving days. (Some i shouldn't have)
A very good price at full price but good quality second hand also available.
I think there's also a ring bound one for easy page extraction.
Been meaning to buy another for ages
With one of these and a garmin etrex 20 or 30 I think you are sorted for the UK.
Could be supplemented with osmandplus on an android tab or phone for looking stuff up/big picture/finding campsites and spoons etc.


I much prefer being able to see the big picture for route planning. I've been ripping out pages of our old car atlases for years.
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