Maps - unusual requests?


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I will be visiting Upton on Severn tomorrow or Friday. I am taking the opportunity to do so, while it is On Severn, instead of In Severn.;)

There is a shop there that sells maps and is called The Map Shop :smile::wacko:.
Lots of peoples on here seem to travel to lots of places, so I wondered if anyone has any special requests for maps that they have not been able to find elsewhere.

For instance a map of Puerile Place Names, Map of Long Straight bits of Road with no traffic, and Tea Shops (with up to date menus attached) for People in Lycra, (with or without bicycles). Please be careful which scale you ask for. For Iceland for instance they do a map in two large sheets, or 212 large sheets, many of which will contain nothing at all in the way of geographical features.

I am hoping they have been able to tidy up in there after last night's earthquake. Otherwise it may take me some time to locate the correct map. Have you any special requests that you have not been able to find on the internet? :biggrin:


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Oooh nice. I am near enough to Stanfords that I can go in for stuff, but not so close I move in.


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I think it would be useful to have , Canal lengths showing towpaths , biased toward the cyclist access points to canal and any gates ( to inhibit motorcycle access ) , and lanes , byways adjacent that would allow detour at lengths where there is no towpath . excellent i would have thought for long distance . I am far from an experienced cyclist , so they may be available .


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Can I have a map of the Scilly isles made entirely from belly button fluff extracted from nineteen year old female virgins please?


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Oh...I get it. Can I have a map showing the little known route that starts at Sault and runs downhill for 50 miles to the top of Mont Ventoux? If it also shows the 5 mile route from Stevenage to York via Worcester, so much the better.


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Can I have a map of all my ex girfriends please? Let me see, there's London, Cardiff, Rimini, Santiago de la Compostela, Northampton,.... :thumbsup:


Is there still an A-Z shop up the road from Condor Cycles? Felt strangely compelled to go in there once and have a browse.

Do any other peoples have our strange compulsion for mappy things? Have you noticed if you get lost and ask for directions in the UK, say in a pub, that everyone chips in with what they think is the best way for you to take and you just end up getting lost again?! :thumbsup:


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Worcs, UK
Fnaar said:
Can I have a map of all my ex girfriends please? Let me see, there's London, Cardiff, Rimini, Santiago de la Compostela, Northampton,.... :biggrin:

Is the reason that they are ex-gfs because you couldn't find your way around them without a map?
Speicher said:
I am sure they would have a world map. :biggrin:
With measles....:eek:;)

I want a map of the west country. 1:1 scale please. Failing that I want an entire set of Landranger 1:50000 maps set out under perspex in a suitably large building.*

* - no, really. I do.


I live in Upton Upon ( in ) Severn. If you get a chance go and have a look at the barge by the river bridge. It sank in the summer and has just been refloated. Bit of a project now i guess.
The owner/manager of the map shop is a very keen cyclist and and active member of the local club. Great shop!
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