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Discussion in 'Time Trial, Long Distance and Endurance' started by ianrauk, 3 Apr 2017.

  1. nickyboy

    nickyboy Norven Mankey

    The Strava power numbers are a bit odd. I've checked my rides and the "Weighted Average" watts I get is exactly the same as the "Average" watts in the Analysis section

    But his are quite different. When he has a Weighted Average of 200W, his Average in the Analysis is quite a bit less...maybe 170W.

    Is there something about Strava power calc I don't understand? Of course it's only an estimate but not sure why the two "averages" are different
  2. Sea of vapours

    Sea of vapours Über Member

    I think the odd thing is that your power numbers are the same, not that his are different. Weighted average should be higher than simply average as it's a more sophisticated measurement. Rather than me paraphrase what it is, here's a summary I extracted from somewhere else (Stravistix help to be precise).

    'The Estimated Weighted Power is basically the Estimated Average Power given by Strava which has been normalized... Weighted Power or estimated is more meaningfull than Average Power. Why? While average power simply takes all of the samples of power and divides them by the number of samples, Weighted Power uses a tricky weighting system to come up with a number that is more in line with the true physiological effort for your given activity.

    Weighted Power is basically the power that you could have maintainted for the same physiological "cost" if your power output had been constant.

    Weighted Power is calculated from an algorithm introduced by Dr. Andy Coggan to weight this variability according to its physiological difficulty.'

    Strava's weighted average tends to be slightly different from that Stravistix produces so the formulae presumably vary slightly or, more probably, their use of the raw data varies.
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  3. nickyboy

    nickyboy Norven Mankey

    At the risk of a thread derail I took a look at this. Seems WAP is only calculated when the rider has a power meter and it seems to calculate a higher number than the EAP. If a rider has no power meter (like me) then the power number on the ride summary is called the EAP and is the same as the "Average Power" that you can find in the ride analysis

    So maybe if I got a power meter I will record higher watts and thus be much faster??
  4. frank9755

    frank9755 Cyclist

    West London
    Maybe, but Mark has a power meter already and is planning to ride around the world, so I'll just watch his numbers!

    With power (and many other things)
    it's best to focus on the trend not get hung up on the actual values, which are subject to all sorts of calibration errors.

    The delta between weighted and average power is particularly influenced by how much freewheeling you do, ie hilliness
  5. psmiffy

    psmiffy -

    He has 11 people supporting him and one camper van - where do they all sleep?
  6. tents ...possibly.
  7. themosquitoking

    themosquitoking Veteran

    This is how i would do it.
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  8. Sea of vapours

    Sea of vapours Über Member

    Is it my imagination or has it improved? There is now a link at the bottom right of the tracker map to show a more detailed map and indeed it does, with a point every fifteen minutes. I don't recall that being there when I looked before. Anyway, it's good enough to show which roads he's been on at least, if not where he's going. Clearly, where he is now, it's rather easy to predict fairly accurately where he'll be going next for at least a couple of days. The points are clickable too. The main/summary tracker just shows a small subset of those fifteen minute interval points.
    Detailed track map for Wednesday 12th.
  9. Reiver

    Reiver Legendary Member

    I think that has just arrived too, I first noticed it this afternoon - and i think (almost certain) this was the tracker he used when he done his record for riding the length of Africa.

    I don't do Twitter or Facebook so often miss what is being said - So does anyone know if others cyclists are meeting up with him and riding a few miles with him? I would quite like to do a few miles with him when he comes through Northumberland but I'm not wanting to bother him if he can't be arsed with others.
  10. How do you get to go out and support him if you don't know what the route is?
  11. Reiver

    Reiver Legendary Member

    I think I could probably have a good guess what road he would be taking (Bamburgh, Beadnell, Embleton) so if the weather and the timing was right (mid to late afternoon) I would give it a go and do a few miles with him (he could always tell me to sod off - LOL)
    But I don't think the timing will work out to well, Mark seems to be around a 100 mile shrt of his plan. and abot 540 mile off northumberland. 240 mile a day would probably see him in North Northumberland 5am - 9am ?. I'm not that big of a fan to head out at that time of the day. ^_^
  12. I messaged them three times to see if he was really going to to do a Round Britain ride and go through Hornsea and Withernsea on the East coast of Yorkshire. I didnt get a reply. He didnt. He cut the corner off like most Round Britain riders. So I could have guessed all I wanted. He still did it in 14 days. Well, the parts he rode anyway.

    It would be so much better if they publish the route that he intends to ride. I am a fan of Marks. I have got the signed books and signed jersey. If you e mail either Mark or his mum replies promptly. But things seem to have shifted with the team he has now. Not to get a reply after sending three messages is something I would not expect from Marks team.
  13. tatr

    tatr Well-Known Member

    Maybe the amount of publicity has increased the amount of email they have to deal with? Not to mention tome raising funds for a support car - that's a lot of money and therefore time.
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  14. Sea of vapours

    Sea of vapours Über Member

    Just a bump of the thread to mention that he's started, yesterday. (Thanks to the TDF coverage for reminding me of that ...)

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  15. tatr

    tatr Well-Known Member

    You know you've set a serious cycling target when ex-pro riders say "that sounds hard".
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