Massive Investment In Cycling Announced...


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Cambridge is the only UK city I've seen ticketed manned bike parking, under the Lion Yard shopping centre, behind John Lewis. Charged, whereas I think most Dutch cities provide it free, don't they?
Most dutch cities provide some sort of free parking, with more than 4 bicycle capacity(more like at least 50), however the ''bike safes'' i was referring to are usually charged but that usually also means it is insured. I'm buying only really cheap bikes nowadays because otherwise it just gets stolen.

I'm really not a fan of cyclepaths. Shared with pedestrians and dogs, which is just as dangerous as riding on the pavement. Lost priority at every side road. Thoroughly glassed in the chavvier areas. Not salted in winter.

The worst thing is that they make riding on the road more dangerous, because of "punishment passes" and abuse from irate drivers who think you should be on the path. The first 5 miles of the Dunwich Dynamo are absolutely horrible now.
When i say cycle-path i don't mean those shared ones, i mean a dedicated wide cycle path that they also salt in the winter because it's more than wide enough for the a salt truck or fan to ride on. Unfortunately i haven't seen those in my wide area, a small dedicated cycle path that isn't riddle with either potholes, mud because tarmac is to expensive, or bumps from tree roots is a challenge, they few that are ok-ish but they are maybe 1mile long but i'm afraid even that is a stretch.


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There is a culture in this country with regards to obtaining a Driving Licence. You are taught how to drive, You are taught theory and hazard perception and you are taught even how to perform basic checks on your car, fluids and what not and are tested on all these. But the moment you have that 'you have passed' moment, it all goes out of the window and it's a free for all. Id say from personal observation about 80% of motorists refuse to indicate, many develop road rage and a raging desire to get past that Cyclist or Bus, whatever the cost maybe... Even as driving tests have become more robust also with the inclusion of theory, it really hasn't helped at all. I think education cannot answer this, it is ingrained in our society. There could be an argument perhaps that year on year up until recent years road safety has improved, but i argue that it is because car technology has improved and not that driving standards have increased because it is my opinion and has gotten worse...
Worse than not indicating is those who indicate as a substitute for looking, which is 99% of those who do actually indicate.
I wonder if he actually sent someone over to Holland to see how it should be done :smile:
I recall a story of some Dutch infrastructure designers being invited to the UK; the local authority proudly showed them some shiny new new cycle infrastructure on a busy junction.
To the delight of the attending cycling campaigners the Dutch response was "This is the sort of thing we use as an example of how not to do it..."
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