Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL Premium

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does anyone have any info/experience with these wheels?

also, does naybody know what the braking surface is made from?



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Never ridden them myself but my mate has them for racing, they sound lovely as you ride alongside them, 'specially at speed. The braking surface is ali'.


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South Norfolk
I'm looking around for a deep section (around 60mm) front as well - judging by posts on TTF, it sounds like the Cosmic Carbone is an Open Pro with a carbon fairing. Saw a pair in my LBS next to some all carbon Bontragers, and I was able to squeeze the carbon in like an empy yoghurt pot....that's not right surely? The structural rims next to it were solid as. I've thought about the Hed Jet 60 as well given the £70 saving and I wonder how strong that fairing is - anyone know?
I'm not keen on carbon rims for the brake fade reasons and having to keep changing the brake blocks from alu to carbon.

EDIT: Probably a Ksyrium rather than OP.
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