Me gotz burpday pressies!! Yay!!

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;) I am officially older...and I woke up to a deluge of prezzies:

Cycle socks
Cool cycle glasses with 4 interchangeable lenses
A pair of black crocs that actually fit me!
A pair of cool cycle shorts
A pair of three quarter length cycle shorts
A leightweight sports towel
...& a cup of tea in bed!:sad::biggrin:

...tommorrow the Endura night vision jacket and some dhb waterproof/wind proof trousers arrive!

:thumbsup::smile::tongue:'s a lucky bloke!:tongue:


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;) Hapy birthday


Married to Night Train
Salford, UK
Many happy returns! (And I don't mean I hope none of it fits and you have to return it..!)

Have some cake. In fact, we can all have cake!

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Happy birthday bigfella, hope the rest of the day continues as well as the first part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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