Minimal "home" tool kit

I'm making a list of things to take when I move to Freiburg next month, (and for the bike but that's elsewhere)

What is the accepted wisdom in minimal tools to take, for sorting things out in the house? I'll be going back to the family every week or two so I can safely leave some things, and also the Landlord lives in the building and says I can borrow tools for most things but but obviously I need to be prepared for everyday stuff instead of disturbing them whenever I need to sort out a minor problem.

My current thoughts are some screwdrivers, a small socket set and a a voltmeter. I don't even need stuff to repair furniture or hang up pictures because the house is sold as furnished and I can't make holes in the walls.

What else would be considered essential?

Alex H

Wire cutters, adjustable spanner, stanley knife, ruler / tape measure, pliers, can of WD-40 :okay:


Quite dreadful
lost somewhere
He's a crap landlord if you need a toolkit?
That's one way of looking at it but I think you're going to be constantly disappointed if you can't be a teeny weeny bit self reliant.
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