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Missing girl found alive

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Fnaar, 14 Mar 2008.

  1. Fnaar

    Fnaar Smutmaster General

  2. That's great news. Rarely do we see a happy ending to these stories.
  3. ChrisKH

    ChrisKH Shorts Adjustment Expert

    Thank Christ for that. Well I will.
  4. Lord of the Teapot

    Lord of the Teapot New Member


    Great news
  5. gary r

    gary r Veteran

    apparently she was found under her grandparents bed!!! whats going on there!!!!
  6. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    York, UK
    oh good! All seems a bit unsure form that report, but I hope it's a happy ending

    Been some interesting stuff in the media, about the relative amounts and tone of coverge of this girl's story and others, like Madeleine McCann. Stuff about the difference in class of the parents etc...
  7. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    York, UK
    From what I've seen on our local news, I think the grandparents and the mother and stepfather are not on good terms, and the grandparents wre suggesting Shannon wasn't happy (subtext = safe) at home. My god, if they've been hiding her all this time...
  8. Mister Paul

    Mister Paul Legendary Member

    Good news. Let's just hope that she's not been through anything nasty.
  9. yenrod

    yenrod Guest

    Thats pretty nasty that...

    The grandparents should know better IF they've been keeping her !
  10. trustysteed

    trustysteed Guest

    It's OK. The grandparents will of course be refunding the tax-payer for all the police time and costs searching for her.

    They will, won't they?
  11. trio25

    trio25 Über Member

    There lots of loose ends in this story, but I'm just glad the girl is safe.
  12. abchandler

    abchandler Senior Member

    Worcs, UK
    Not the grandparents address apparently, although the same village
  13. Maz

    Maz Guru

    er, doubt it...next we'll be hearing that the grandparents have gone missing.
  14. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    York, UK
    To be fair, I haven't seen any report of that stuff about grandparents, only that she'd been found - that was just what gary said...
  15. betty swollocks

    betty swollocks large member

    A happy ending for once.