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Deal, Kent
This morning I rode without my normal mitts. I usally ride in very thin Nike team mits and wanted to see what difference it made.

I actuall found it less bulky on the bars/hoods.
What does everyone else wear/not wear?


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Altura waterproof gloves do me fine in winter, nice 'n' toasty. I've tried various summer mits, but just can't get used to wearing them... hands get too hot, so basically do without!


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Always wear mitts with good padding on the palm - mainly for protection from road rash. I did try riding with unpadded gloves or no gloves, but on long rides the pressure on the nerve in the palm / wrist (?ulnar?) causes me quite a bit of discomfort
Nike full gloves in the winter, cheapest fingerless ones they had in LBS (still quality though) for the warmer weather. I once tried using a pair of altura liner gloves with the nike gloves and it didn't seem to make a difference. I gave them to someone who turned up to ride with no gloves on and my hands were warmer. Strange.

Chris James

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Track mitss in summer.

I get pretty cold hands but try to keep on with the mitts for as long a poss. After that I go into a pair of outdoor designs windstopper gloves.


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I don't wear any gloves in the summer at all - but then I'm only commuting a few miles, with the occasional 15-20 miles thrown in.

Is that unusual? Is it more comfortable to have gloves on?

Mrs M has worse circulation, so I can see the benefit in her having gloves for a couple of hours jaunt, but never felt the need personally. Or am I missing out on toasty pinkies??


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I wear a pair of Specialized mitts in the warm weather and Altura Shield waterproof gloves in the cold. I prefer to wear gloves/mitts, I feel a bit naked without them.


While comfort is a factor for me, the main consideration is that when you fall off your bike, it is your hands that are first bare area of your body to hit the floor. And I don't like digging gravel out of my palms.
Yep, that's one of my major reasons for wearing them. If I'm just popping a mile or so down the road with the trailer I won't bother, because I'm running out of pocket space for all the other odds and sods like bungee's, keys, and wallets, but otherwise I'll try and wear a pair of traditional crochet ones. At the mo, bog standard Altrura £10 a pair ones, with sufficient absorbency to wipe off sweat and snot. :?:
Have always worn track mitts, basically for reasons previously noted, i.e. comfort (particularly on long rides) but most of all to save the skin on my palms in the event of a crash - thankfully pretty rare events, but they do happen.

Has to be particularly cold for me to revert to full gloves, which I have always found to be "uncomfortable".
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