Mixing Campag with Shimano

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My new winter bike has 9speed Shimano Tiagra gearing, BUT I have also some Chorus 9speed hubs on existing wheels. The question is: Can I use Campag sprockets with Shimano spacers on these wheels and expect the gears to change OK? ;)
Mmm may work but see the excellent CTC mix n match article by Chris Juden


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there are spacers to convert the campag to shimano spacing (or t'other way about), but don't know what they are called. one of the sages of this parish might be able to flesh out the details.
Both TA and Mavic sell plastic spacer kits (about a tenner) - BUT if your chorus cassestte has an alloy spider holding some of the sprokets together then you're stuck with the campag spacing for those sprockets I'm afraid. If not then you should be ok.


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;) Thanks guys. Knew there would be some mechanical experts amongst you.
It seems reading the Juden article that the bike business is out to con you into parting with as many of the readies as possible.
I am going to look into all of your suggestions and try and pick one that is the most adaptable.
Once again, so grateful for your help! ;)
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