Mobile forum theme


There's a mobile theme in the new forum software.

It's a very basic cut-down theme that removes most all of the java / ajax, and a lot of the deeper css so that it downloads quickly and has very simple formatting.

However, there is also a tapatalk plug-in module on the cards, so once I've got the basics sorted we can maybe look at giving that a try.

Shaun :evil:


hi I use google chrome (any theme) and also the htc desire (android) to access the forum (mobile theme).

I don't know if I am missing something here. I have to change the theme every time between PC and mobile accesses. Basically, I change to the mobile theme using my phone then when back to my PC I have to change the theme back to any of my choice and vice versa

Some blogs/websites change automatically to a mobile version when accessed by mobile phones.

Is it possible to do this with CC? See the mobile theme version only when accessing via mobile?

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