Mommy you swore!!!!!!


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Bit late riding in today so was in amongst the rest of the populace who were in their cars and rushing to meet the 9am clock in.

Riding down the Coventry rd through Sheldon towards the airport I can see a line of parked cars along my left, by the houses so nothing unusual there, and the silver nose of a car poking between them and edging in to the traffic flow. My Bat Senses kicked in so I edged out a little further in to the primary position so I could see and be seen. Lo and behold the traffic cleared around me, driver of silver car ignored me and shot out in front of me meaning that I had to do an emergency stop/slide/yelp...

I'm not up for this sort of ignorance at the mo (lets put it down to age and seasonal depression and lack of sleep) and on catching up with the car at the next set of lights I tapped on the window, huge smile on my face, and as the window was wound down asked..."did you not see me?" which the woman in the car responded, "**** off I'm late taking my son to school!!!"...short silence...and then a small voice from the rear of the car says "mommy you swore" was bliss...sheer bliss....I could not have asked for a more fitting rebuke of the careless driving of this muppet of a woman.


so they did see you then ... even worse

I've had three serious offs from people turning right across me and no end of close ones from people pulling out

I've had more than enough of it, triply so when they see you and do it anyway


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I'm not defending her in any sense, but some people are so removed from sense that they really think they are doing nothing wrong. They cannot imagine a bike travelling at more than 4mph, cos that is all they can manage when they once got on a bike.

So even when they see you, unless you are literally a couple of yards away, they think they can get out.

Muppets still.......


Nice one! Out of the mouth of babes, as they say...

Reminds me of a story my old man told me once...he used to work as a bus conductor and was collecting fares from one particular woman with a child. Children 5 and under travelled for free and my dad asked her how old her son was. "He's 5", she said. "No, I'm not!" said her son "I'm 6. You lied, mummy!".
My dad just laughed and let him go for free anyway.


anyone that swears like that at people when they're in the wrong swears in front of their children routinely


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Excellent. After seeing that little old lady telling a driver off the other day, I think I'm going to suggest the setting up of a special shame police force. Old ladies, old gents, preferably of a slightly military bearing, and small angelic looking children clutching teddy bearsm will roam the streets, telling miscreants off. And for when the shame doesn't work, they'll be armed with baseball bats.
:smile: Hopefully she will think twice in the future. Let's hope the little munchkin lets it slip to the rest of the family that mummy swore in the car (and I hope they are the type of family that would care about this). Mummy will hopefully learn her lesson.

I am actually off now and next week so no cycling for me (I have a list of DIY to work through...:blush:)
Arch said:
After seeing that little old lady telling a driver off the other day, I think I'm going to suggest the setting up of a special shame police force.

Once I saw a little old lady on her sit-up-and-beg waiting patiently for the traffic lights to change.
A snobby-looking passenger in a big old Jaguar nonchalently threw an empty cigarette packet out of the window.
She picked it up and asked the miscreant if he wanted it.
After hearing his 'no', she patronisingly said 'well, nor do we!' and threw it back into the car. The passenger was squirming with embarassment. :blush:


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That's something that I would put on the 'things that annoy you' thread: Parents that swear in front of their kids.
Just shows the mentality of the bint.
Thing is, she doesn't have the brains to realise that if she'd have hit you, with all the delays of stopping, ambulance, police, etc. She'd have been even later taking little Jonny to school. :blush:


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It's typical of this sort of parent.
How does the child know that mommy swore?
Because not only does she do it reguarly but now her child does,
and she's trying to get them to stop.

"Do as I say not as I do."

She's a dangerous idiot
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