Most embarrasing moment....

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i wur 18 years old, going out with girl whos now my wife.
I used to drink with her dad on a Saturday dinner...back to hers for dinner.

Usually MIL made a sandwich...but today shes brought a huge fish and chip dinner...and i've had a few.:ohmy:


You ok ? said FIL....:smile::blush::blush:yes, i think so.

15 seconds later ran upstairs..projectile vomited all over the stairs :biggrin::ohmy::ohmy:

Poor girlfriend....she ended up cleaning it up, while i protested i should do it, while MIL and FIL said, 'no, no, you lay down'

Ive felt better about myself..i have to say


That's quite embarassing. My top ten most embarassing moments are way too embarassing for anyone to know about at all.

However, I once got beaten up for singing karaoke incredibly badly at a rather downmarket establishment. The embarrassment was far worse than the pain.
First night my then GF had taken a chap home. We were both a little sloshed. Woke in the morning with a faint recollection of a dream where I had climbed, naked, into bed with her parents. She said 'Thank fuck you were only dreaming'.

It wasn't a dream.


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Back when mrs btfb was a little German hottie (last centuary:biggrin:)...we were in Hamburg was a crowded flight and we were taken to the terminal on a bus from the plane. We were in a hurry as the plane was delayed and I wanted to get through the passport malarky asap...we were jammed into the bus like sardines...she was behind me...the doors opened...I reached behind for her hand and pulled her through the crowd off the i turned around toface her on the wasnt was some other german hottie:ohmy::blush::blush:


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In my youth whilst I was still hot, I snogged this bloke at a party, who I thought worked for an agency our company used. Copious amounts of champagne later, I vomited all over him and then on the Monday I got in to work and found he was a director where I worked.

Aint Skeered

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In my late teens(late 70's) I worked in an office in London.
I had a motorbike at the time,and wore a full protective waterproof ot keep my suit clean on the bike.
I was waitnig for the lift one day,and without thinking, let one go.
Unfortunatly for me the lift stopped on the floor below, and a girl that I fancied from afar (shy country boy, you see) got in.
Just as the lift doors shut, the hideous odour that I produced 2 minutes earlier,started to leak out around the collar of my waterproofs.
I was absolutly mortified,and just stood there in silence untill we got to the ground floor. It was a very small lift and the longest journey I have ever experienced in my life. Needless to say she was first out.


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Colne, Lancs
My most recent embarassing moment involved some alcohol and deleting quite a few friends from facebook as they'd been annoying me that night. Probably not the best way to deal with things.

I embarass myself at least three times a day, my life is like a Hugh Grant style comedy of errors for the most part.


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Mine would all involve too much alcohol and loss of clothing, need I say more?


Well, probably the worst time was getting back from the pub with a girl I had recently moved in with, she was a bit of a loon if the truth be told with a lot of baggage and emotional problems. She was nevertheless stunning with a fantastic body and just amazing in bed! :biggrin: :blush:

Anyway, we'd got back to this flat, in Balham, and we were both well tanked up, me probably worse, hard to say. And when I say drunk, I mean really just about paralytic. Well, we got down to it on the bed which I remember as being pretty good, but then something happened, or I said the wrong thing or something and the next thing I knew, she was up and getting dressed and getting ready to leave! Then she was out the door going down the stairs and out the front door, me after her trying to persuade her to come back up. Next thing I know we were half way down the street when I suddenly realised I was without a stitch of clothing! :smile: I was forced to let her go and run back home, thank f*** the door hadn't blown shut and I managed to get back in and sleep it off.

I still don't really know what happened that night!


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getting some 'relief' from the gf on the way to Oxford, then deciding on arrival to go and have a quick look at where i used to live. pulled up, saw the same old neighbour, so got out of the car for a chat.

had forgotten to 'put everything back in' and do up my belt........


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Queueing some years ago to check in for a flight at the brand spanking new marble domestic airport in Karachi, Pakistan. Suddenly I realised I needed a bog, fast. Dumped my case with my agent and ran for the toilets. Got in and found somebody had been standing on the seat (dunno whay they do this in the sub-continent) so I just dropped my kegs, bent over and let rip. I was surprised not to hear the lot pouring into the bowl so looked round and was horrified to see the curry sauce I was shitting had gone straight out horizintally, hit the wall, run down and was spreading out in a pool on the floor. It was then that I understood how the French do it in camp site toilets. I got out and washed my hands and the last thing I did was l to look round to see the very young toilet attendant, mop in hand, proud of his job in the new terminal, just as he opened the door of my cubicle, looked in and his jaw dropped. All I could do was mutter an apology and hurry off. Felt terribly sorry for the bloke.


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mine was a day of shame/fame (not sure which but i quite enjoyed the attention once the embarrassment had gone :smile:).

so the story begins when i get a job temping in an office. get on great with the girls who are going on a hen night. they invite me because a girl drops out. don't know the hen, but turned out to be a coach load of girls and one boy, heading down to London to get on a party bus. It was around the time they were filming all the fly on the wall things like Ibiza Uncovered.

Anyway, just before the off, London Weekend TV phone the hen and say, would you mind if we come along and film. and they brought with them a couple of newspaper photographers.

about 12pm on the bus, we are all well pished, and my mate is pulling a moony out the bus window. guy with a camera asks if he can have a group moony photo. i refuse (my ass not being my best feature IMO) so he settles for one with all of us... cleavage afront. none of us bother to ask who the guy is, but a bit later on someone says "has anyone seen the photographer from the newspaper?" I turned to my mate and said "i hope that's not that bloke because my brother had his photo taken in Canada and it ended up in the Solihull Times [local freebie rag] and my mum will kill me!"

one week later, my mate phones me and says "you better get your ass to the shop and buy the ..... DAILY STAR!!!!!!!!! you're on page 18!.

OMG! NATIONAL NEWSPAPER! opened the paper and it's like a centre spread photo story of the hen night.... and our cleavage photo had a pose of me with my tit out!(accidently hooked out my nipple hadn't I!) :blush:

Well, that was the day i discovered THE WORLD AND HIS FECKING DOG READS THE DAILY STAR! had people phoning me up left right and centre, including the lads i knew from the local firestation.

it was also the day the hen found out the stag reads it, wedding was nearly off had it not been for some severe grovelling.

i did get some nice comments about my tits tho! :biggrin:


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my mum... when she was 18, wearing short skirt, was on an escalator in Woolworths and suddenly felt like her ankles were being strangled. looked down to see her knickers disappearing down the side of the escalator. worst of all, her feet were trapped by them. her brother had to press emergency stop and find a shop assistant to cut her out of them (only the pain was worse than the embarrassment apparently).

then, because HE was embarrassed he wouldn't speak to her. so it was a silent journey home on his little moped type bike. they were riding home, my mum on the back, stopped at the lights, my mums skirt was riding up, so to hide her, um, dignity, she stood up to pull her skirt down, lights changed, and he zoomed off without her....

.... she said she walked to the side of the road and waited and he didn't come back for half hour and he was fuming!
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