Motorcyclist in the Midlands . . . ?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by robgul, 19 Aug 2012.

  1. robgul

    robgul Guru

    . . . not sure where to post this but I'll try here.

    We're looking for a bit of help from a motorcyclist (or two would be even better) for MacRide on Sunday 9 September at Stratford-upon-Avon. (Our usual helpers are both away on holiday that weekend)

    The task entails riding round our ride courses before the cyclists - total of about 130 miles - checking that the arrow signage has not been moved or tampered with overnight. The moto is equipped with a supply of A4 sized correx arrows and cable ties to fix anything awry. [The last two events have been fine, with just one arrow moved]

    So - is anyone able to help please - no pay I'm afraid, but we'll reimburse fuel costs etc ... and you'll get a MacRide medal!!!

    If you can help, or know someone that might please PM with a phone number and I'll give you a shout.


  2. might be worth getting in touch with the National Escort Group - a fine bunch of fellas who do a grand job. I'm sure if they can help, they will...
  3. simon.r

    simon.r Person

    Nottingham is a forum not dissimilar to this one - mostly populated by reasonably friendly, helpful people (or at least it was last time I looked).

    May be worth posting on there.
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