motorised doping?!


God Almighty
I know at track races that bikes are weighed pre-race. Surely the same is done these races?
The kit (at least the legit version) weighs 1.9kg. Where the hell are you going to hide the battery? And everyone would be complicit, from the frame maker down to the team mechanics. Rider + dodgy doctor with the team management turning a blind eye makes sense, but mechanical cheating is on a whole different level.

rich p

ridiculous old lush
I heard that Vino during his 2 year ban had prosthetic knees fitted with integral motors.
I know it's true cos a fat bloke down the pub told me.
Of course! Battery in bottle, contact on the side of the bottle and the bottle cage. So obvious.... We just need to find riders who complete the entire race with the same bottle...
Whoever it was that started this baseless rumour - although on reading the link in the OP I did have to check that I was in the right month and the date - then I went to bed


I must admit I did check the link for the date as I was convinced it was a recycled Apr 1 link. Remarkable and interesting all in one. So that is what is powering Basso to such a remarkable stage win.
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