Move Wider for Rider-Boot stickers

Discussion in 'Advocacy and Cycling Safety' started by CXRAndy, 9 Mar 2019.

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    I believe in Ireland the distances between bike and overtaking car is promoted to leave 1 metre on <40mph roads and 1.5 metres on >40mph roads.

    There is an interesting programme on Irish TV channel RTE1 called 'Now You See Me' about increasing cycling infrastructure, provision, safety and increasing active travel across all demographics in Ireland, which is where I got the above from (if I'm remembering correctly, apologies if not).
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    One man started it, with support from County Councils willing to support the idea.
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    The 1.5m has been widely accepted including by UK police forces. Let's not us double guess it. And if drivers have to wait to pull out round a cyclist, well, that's what I was taught to do when I started to drive well over 30 years ago. And my current experience is that, unless you start as a gutter hugger, it exactly what nearly every vehicle will do.

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