Movember in or out?

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So I’ve decided to do the Movember thing as has my son, we’ve decided to do a joint pic Dec 1st, his partner will not be pleased with me but has a good sense of humour…mine is less than impressed and can’t stop looking at me, I don’t think it’s because she’s finding my ever increasing distinctiveness attractive 🤣
So, who’s doing it and let’s see the progress….if you’re a year round tashe wearer feel free to join in the “fun”🫣


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No. Seems to be trendy getting beards anyway, so I'm out. Way too much faff looking after it, hence why my hair is also fairly short (and yes I'm lucky to still have a full head of hair). Anything for an easy life.


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I have had a beard almost all my adult life, and I'm not going to consider shaving it off just to regrow for "Movember" - and yes, I know it is about a moustache, not beard, but a beard without a 'tache just looks silly.


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Had a beard for many years.


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My house is divided.

My sons said I should give it a go.

My daughter says she will sneak in and shave it off me at night while I am asleep.

My wife remains diplomatically neutral-ish.

So I'm giving it a go. Letting the upper lip, cheekbone bits & sideburns grow for a month. No photos yet.

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I grew a mustache for 'Movember' about 10 years ago! Never again as it developed a dead skin, sweaty whiff about xx( it and made me look even older than I do without one and without one I look older than I am. I kept it for the whole month, but come the 1st of December it came off, much to my relief!


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I have recently grown a beard and tash exactly 50 years since I last had one, I have just trimmed it more than I should have, so will growing it through November and beyond, but nothing to do with Movember.
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