Movember in or out?

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Grand Old Lady
I grew a mustache for 'Movember' about 10 years ago! Never again as it developed a dead skin, sweaty whiff about xx( it and made me look even older than I do without one and without one I look older than I am. I kept it for the whole month, but come the 1st of December it came off, much to my relief!

Surely that wouldn't do your business of "hire a Sir Patrick Moore lookalike" any good at all to grow one?

twentysix by twentyfive

Clinging on tightly
Over the Hill
Oh - do have a go MB





Tights of Cydonia
South Glos
In it... 21 days' growth... winds my daughter up wonderfully.

I may even be allowed to keep it, if I trim the sideburns off after November!


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