Mrs V finally understands me after 15 years.....

Or has stopped bothering to try.....

In the week she said "Can you think of anything Little-un can get you for Fathers day"

After a few days thinking I said (nothing cycle related needed)......."A Fedora...."

"What... Is that a hat, you mean a trilby...?"

"Yes but its not a trilby.....I don't want a trilby....."

"Okay I'll have a look round then...." And that was it no "What the flip", or "I'm not going anywhere with you in it...." just "I'll have a look....."

I have a Tilley hat but wanted a Fedora as well so sort of an N+1 hat......

If only she could have the same attitude to an N+1 bike....
Violin case for Xmas?
I used to wear baseball caps (the right way round) but after I hit 40.... I looked a bit sad so started wearing the Tilley hat but now want something cool..... And Humphrey Bogart and Indiana Jones wore the same one!
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I see that hat is in the ' Erotic Clothing ' section, I hadn't thought of Amazon as being quite so puritanical, perhaps it's the blue lighting that tips the balance^_^.


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How about a Bowler? "popular with the working class" (isn't a viking working class?) "during the Victorian era, and later on with the middle and upper classes" (vikings can get bumps in status too), according to Wikipedia. Then there's the erstwhile 007 class:

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