MTB World Cup

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First - I notice that "Cycling Sport" is limited in its categories...

...but I'd like to mention the MTB World Cup at Les Gets - I stumbled across the women's XCO race on Eurosport 1 this weekend and after the snoozefest of the ToB and the more exciting but lengthy Vuelta, this came as a real shot in the arm for watching cycle sports. Great coverage, good racing and a great demonstration of fitness and technique - Mona Mitterwallner's ride away from the front was magnificent. I'll admit I haven't watched much of this type of sport but it was well worth the hour or so to see the whole thing out. It's nice to see a diversity of equipment too, with some opting for hardtails over full-sus, conventional vs lefty forks, one team even running 'mag' 6-spoke wheels. I can also relate to this more than road racing - there's little or no 'team tactics', much more every rider for themselves.


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Also the DH world cup and events like Rampage/Hardline/Crankworx etc.

I think they should all group in with Pro cycling (Road/Track/MTB and other)
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