mudguard tyre problem

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hi all, i have a small problem with the front mudguard (sks narrowguard p35) in that i have to have the tyre (vittoria rubino) running at no more that 80psi to ensure that the tyre does not foul the top of the guard. as the tyre indicates a minimum of 100psi, am i risking a puncture (having found rubinos to be pretty puncture proof, only 1 in the last year)?

are there any similarly good tyres that are of a lower profile than the rubinos, iirc the kenda ones that came supplied with my carerra virtuoso were not as 'tall' on the rim but i'd rather go with a decent commuting/training tyre.

thanks in advance!

Smokin Joe

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Assuming your frame has mudguard clearence and you haven't shoehorned the guards onto a pure race frame you shouldn't have this problem. Is the guard as high as it will go? The bracket is slotted where the brake bolt goes through and it is easy to have it set too low.
My GT has stupidly narrow clearances, despite being fitted with the relevant braze-ons. I use SKS Bluemels guards, which have a rounder profile than the 'normal' SKSs and clear the tyre slightly better because of it. I've also chopped the front portion off the front mudguard and fitted the bracket behind the fork crown. Not a very elegant solution, but effective.
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