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Hi all... i tried searching but found lots of different answers. Basic newbie question follows....

Got a Subway 2 , disk brake type, with some Big Ben Plus 26x2.15 tyres. I mainly do a commute along combination of cycle path and often muddy canal towpath (where i discovered recently after a partial dip in the canal that the Big Ben tyres arent too great in mud). Anyway, i could do with some mudguards, mainly to avoid me getting to work with muddy jeans and face in the coming months.

Looking at the Beavertail XL or something like the more permanent SKS commuter range or similar, but with the tyres being 55mm I dont think i can get away with the full length fixed SKS?. I've read about the quick release issue so obviously want something that wont jam up too.

Any advice? Is the beavertails the better option? thanks :smile:
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I'm afraid I don't know a fat lot about mudguards for a Subway, but ...

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Best of luck with fitting your mudguards. It's not difficult but it can be intensely irritating as you think you've finished and they are still rubbing a bit.


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I'd see what Halfords suggest / have in store (check the instore price against the online one though and get a match from them if online is lower as it can be) :okay:


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I was going to recommend Kinesis Fend Off but I see they only go up to 45mm. I can't see those Beaver Tails being much use for a muddy towpath. I would try to find something full length.


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Have a look at Topeak they have a few on their website.


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just noticed that the mudguards that my other half has on her bike are beavertails, and no they don't look like they'll do the job. I know they do an XL version, but not sure how much bigger these will be.

Think i need to look at some fixed ones.. maybe the SKS commuter which seem to go up to 60mm, if i can make them fit of course.

Thanks all :smile:
I have full mudguards on mine - it came with them
Work great - but can rub when some mud gets caught under them

Word of warning - my old ebike have great mudguards - except that they were made from aluminium - total pain in the whatsit because once they got out of perfect shape they where a right b****r to get back again
The plastic ones adjust more easily and don't deform into another shape when knocked

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Personally I find the rear beaver tails irritating as they seem to get pushed or knocked out of alignment all the time and require frequent adjustment.
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