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I'd really rather not mess up my quite good looking bike by putting mudguards on it but as I intend to continue commuting through the wet season, I don't really have any choice.

I was thinking about putting the shorter clip or quick removal mudguards on so that it's less hassle taking them off for recreational rides when I don't mind the spray - are these actually any good at all or am I wasting my time unless I put on the full wrap round mudguards?


I'm considering mudguards -and like you didn't want to spoil the look of my bike.
My biking friends are all trying to steer me towards the clip on type, beaver tails have been mentioned a lot, but I found some full "traditional" mudguards that are shiny with flowers on and they lost the argument after that.
But in general - they will be fine, and then you can take them off when you want to pose:thumbsup:


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The grit, salt and other rubbish on winter roads will eat your steed. I didn't bother with guards last year and had to replace a fair few parts, even with careful cleaning and maintenance.

Either get some guards on there, or build/buy a winter bike.
The best thing about full length guards, even clip on ones like Crud Roadracers is that the guard goes all the way down behind the seat tube, keeping a lot of crap out of the front mech and chainset\chain and also off of the back of your ankles.

Shorty clip on ones make a huge difference to the amount of dirt on your clothing, but if you want to save your components then full length ones are the way to go.


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plus one for SKS Blumels......thought they are a pain to take on or off.........they are slimline so dont distract too much from the lines of the bike.......or better still as it has been said get another bike for the weekends (i want to do this but cannot afford yet:sad:)


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I just fitted Crud Roadracers MkII to my new road bike – not as much of a faff to fit as I thought they might be. They don't rub, offer good coverage, and aesthetically I think they look OK too... others may of course disagree, but I'd rather have a dry bum :whistle:




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you could always get a racecape and keep your 'arris dry that way...i don't do mudguards simply because i don't like the look of them. i'd rather look like a filthy drowned rat than spoil the looks of my bikes :ohmy:
My former colleague and mate had to replace his front mech after a winter's commuting as he had short 'guards on his Trek hybrid and they allowed manky road spray to decorate said maech and seise the bugger solid.
Unless you've got shares in WD40, either get a winter commuting hack you don't care about or get some full-length 'guards fitted.
My Tif has SKS Chromplastics fitted and it looks fine, but is it supposed to be/was sold as an Audax bike :-)
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