Multi tasking whilst riding , what can you do

I've taken photographs and turned an OS map over in the map case. All without stopping or falling off.:cheers:


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Ashford, Kent
I can get my toe clip thing back in the hook, also flipped my pump around and reattached. while cycling in heavyish traffic, about as much as i can cope with


Admire the scenery, breathe, drink water, eat, spit, switch my lights on if getting dark, nod / raise hand at other drivers when they show good driving, look, think & plan work/personal life, burn calories, steer, brake, change gear.


Yes I can, Yes I am, Yes I did...Repeat.
shout laugh pray and survive


the tank engine
I once tried flicking an elastic band of my handlebars....turns out I can't multi task very well as I some how managed to jack knife my front wheel and go flying over the handle bars (whoops).

I didn't even make it to the end of my road :smile::blush:


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Read my hand written directions on an a4 piece of paper holding it infront with two hands whilst cycling... (driver drove by and shook his head at me for doing this lol)

Took off and wrapped around my waist my hoody sweater cos I couldnt be f'ed stopping.

Its pretty much a case of the faster you go the more stable you are with no hands :biggrin:. So if your not good at multi tasking then go faster! :angry:
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