Multi tasking whilst riding , what can you do


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numbnuts said:
Amazing what you all can do, if a motorist did the same you lot would be down on them like a ton of shoot
No, there's a difference. e.g.

Shaving while driving: dangerous.

Shaving while cycling: cool.


Read my O/S map when leading off road rides. Can be a bit hazardous but, only had one tumble all the lads p...ed themselves laughing:blush: thats what you get for being a smart arse.:smile:


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Not tried it for a while, but I used to be able to juggle a nice 3 ball cascade while riding no hands. Stopping (without dropping anything) was the tricky bit.

Tried the same with clubs, but couldn't get the clearance on the handlebars. Much easier on the unicycle. :smile:


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I've fallen off a few times while riding a bike - I'm quite good at it.
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