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Mad Doug Biker

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Hello, purely out of curiosity, how many of you on here have more than one identity on here, i.e. more than one account??

I personally don't have the time nor the inclination too, but I am aware that it does happen, so a simple yes or no question, do you have more than one identity on here, and if so, how many??

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Yes. I call mine Mad Dug Biker.


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I have one so that I can talk to myself. Sometimes it's the only way of making sense of a thread.
I know what you mean.
I feel that way too.
And here's me thinking that I was the only one!


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I keep to one identity. I tell the truth about my age my job my experiences in life i don't even exaggerate when i post on Your Ride Today! I was banned from a site after making umpteen thousand posts for saying how i feel about certain things but to say otherwise would mean that i am not really me. Does that make sense?
In an odd way, Yes!
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