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Had a gammon, cheese & chutney sandwich, a persimmon, an orange and two :cuppa: for luncheon.

After, it was off to a friend's place to do the cat photoshoot involving a blue tortie point, a seal point and a cinnamon point siamese. Felt really smug as I walked my bike through the verge to get past the roadworks while drivers, having ignored the signs, did multi-point turns that then sent them on a seven mile detour. Hard work out there, as it's pretty blowy, and the hill up into Downham was murder.

Shoot done, spent some time setting the world to rights, and cuddling assorted cats, dogs and sheep.

I am now bum-parked with a nice :cuppa:


Typical Mrs 73 1st none induction day at work. She's had a good day and got a lot of the none clinal side sorted. Even her NHS smart card has been updated. As it's a late morning morning start she went on the train. Coming home she found out no trains due bridge being hit. With a replacement bus only 1/2 way, so looks like a uber to get home.
Will be my job to find out tomorrow how you claim that back.
Lucky she a at home training day tomorrow she's like to be late home.


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found it. forgot I put it where it belongs. on an electronics gear shelf w/ other similar items. got it pulled apart but the battery dimensions could have been better. the specs printed on the side were close enough to give it a try, so I squeezed it all back together, including a handful of screws. charging now. no access to satellites in the back of our living room. amusing where it thinks we are right now
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My wife went to visit her sister in Denmark with one suitcase. She came home with two.:laugh:

When my aunt and her husband came home from Dubai, she did so much shopping that they couldn't fit it all in the Nissan Qashcai hire car and my Dad ended up following them to airport with the excess. She is obsessed with buying clothes and all the latest fashions.

Her idea of travelling light probably packs more clothes than I possess.


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Genesis 7! Actually 7 pairs. I learned something today too

I remember it as two as well.

I had to consult my old Sunday School Bible for clarification and I've found it a little contradictory. Not for the first time!

It says seven of clean beasts and two of the unclean in Chpt. 7. V2., and 7 of the fowls in V3. I don't remember that bit. I stand corrected .

V15 says two and two of all flesh which is why I always thought it was two.
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