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I'm thinking that a :cuppa: would be really nice right now.
Do. Not think.


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Dull and drizzly today, good job I have my brolley :rain:
My friend and I did a 15 mile ride last night . It started spitting as we set off but as there was only thin cloud about we decided to press on . The rain increased so we stopped and sheltered whilst it passed by . It was very strange ! We couldn't identify which cloud was causing the rain. All of the clouds in our area appeared to be too thin to be causing that amount of rain . A 10 minute delay and we set off again .


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I am washing my dressing gown.I might need it for a hospital visit very soon.After Googling my simpsons i think i know why i am bleeding.I await the Consultants examination with a little trepidation .
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