Mundane News

Spent the morning running errands in town. Needed to buy a birthday gift for a friend.

Ended up in Tesco by default, and we may have had a few snaccidents (custard creams, cheese thins) and yellow sticker accidents along the way... Picked up posh cat food on YS as well as a job lot of tea.

Tesco Gold tea, boxes of 240 teabags, marked down to £1.50 because it seems they're no longer going to stock it. Would've been stupid not to, really. OK, it's more earthy and malty than my usual (Finest English Breakfast) but is still eminently drinkable. :cuppa:


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Good news but mundane in the great scheme of things.
My wife brought home two IT Lightweight suitcases 4 weeks ago for our then impending holiday.
I took one look at them and proclaimed...they're crap, sorry but they look nice but utter rubbish quality..

We went on holiday and hers didnt even last the first flight, back broken, unable to lift the retractable handle.
Mine didnt last the return flight , the fabric tore at one of the plastic protectors.
Back to the store...not fit for purpose, they argued it was the baggage handlers, we argued we've been travelling 20 odd years, sometime me flying 6 or 8 times a year, never broke suitcases before. They should still be able to survive 2 flights, even if the handlers were rough.
Contacted manufacturers, sent photos, they instructed us the shop has the obligation within the first year (we know this anyway)

Back to the shop with manufacturers email, saw a different manager, threatened trading standards, not fit for purpose, manager agreed, (shame the first one didnt) back.

Tenacity pays.
Congratulations, you have just reinvented the sabre guard. :laugh:

You could have just bought a couple of cheap guards from Duellist or something...
Ah! But I wouldn't be living up to my name !
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