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I need a 4 for the Xtracycle and I like having an 8 just in case. It also gives me spoke keys, a chain splitter and a '+' screwdriver and for some reason a bottle opener. Possibly overkill there in my case but I suppose we are in Germany...
For the sake of 180g my topeak mini 18+ tool has just about all I need for running repairs, including a bottle opener.


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It's still hot and dry in Gerona.:hello:
Rubbish, you say? :unsure:
@Andy in Germany, single burner just under 8" across, running off the larger bottles of no use?

Gampingaz used to do a sheet of what's available where.
I'm not sure how much we'll be doing this camping malarkey, and cooking alcohol/white spirits is available off the shelf at the local version of Boots, so I could just get a bottle on arrival.

If we do more adventurous touring, for example in Japan, it makes more sense to use an alcohol stove because I know we can get the fuel. I have no idea how or where to get CampingGaz...
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