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Morning all. First coffee downed while sitting in bed watching the line of trees the other side of the rail line bending in the very strong breeze. Seems like a good day to catch up with the things I should have been doing earlier in the week such as mopping the kitchen floor and the ironing.

I guess it must be the weekend as there's different presenters on the radio.


Just hatched a cunning plan , how about l post you a feral cat to deal with the spawn of the devil birds ? Thereby "killing two birds with one stone" get to waste the starlings and l get rid of a dogs obsession ^_^

Just kill the cat and save postage:okay:
Next doors 3 bastid cats are working their way through em so you'll be wasting your time


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What is it about dogs and cats, why do dogs want to tear cats apart and more specifically why does my English pointer hate them so much that he stands at the bottom of a tree frantically barking at a cat up said tree, knowing full well that l don't appreciate being woken up at silly o'clock this morning and that l will be giving him a severe boll+++ing when l catch him ? :sad:
Surely you've seen:



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Cake or ice cream? The choice is endless ...
They are so annoying and dangerous, no control over the dog at all, I hope your mate wasn't to badly hurt
Fractured skull, collar bone and several fingers. He woke up in hospital not remembering what happened. A friend he was riding with was a short distance behind him. Paramedics arrived and they were going to get the air ambulance but he was driven to hospital.
I hate those leads!!

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Blimey, bidding on the kids Ridgeback has ramped up. Over £70 with 5 hours left. Offered it to someone for £30. More fool them.
Put a Fred Perry clothing item on fleabay and watch them bid like crazy! I saw some FP shorts the other day going for a starting price of £7.50. I bid £12,which i thought was a fair price for a near as new,but still second hand item.They eventually sold for 40 quid!!:wacko:
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