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You had supposed to dip the toast in the egg, not your nose :laugh:

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Land of Lincoln
Due to get warm here over the weekend. Our Memorial Day. We started observing that after our Civil War. It started as Decoration Day on May 5 in 1868, and has moved as the years have passed, for various reasons. John A Logan, a Union General from the area where I went to Uni, started the practice as president of the G.A.R., or Grand Army of the Republic, a Union Veterans organization.(As opposed o the U.C.V. or United Conf***erate Veterans) National Holiday, so i and the other drivers, even though we are not driving, get the day off. On a regular year, I would travel 40 miles or so, and put some peonies on my fathers' grave from his mothers' ancestors plants, but they have not bloomed yet, and I shouldn't travel that far with this all going on.
The theme in today's photography challenge is "Grass"


No, not *that* kind of grass... :laugh: But I did have fun with a long lens, tripod, slow shutter speed and flash. :smile:


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There's real, actual rain here at the moment! OK it's more of a passing shower, but it's the first rain since the start of May.

And to continue the exciting news, I had to open a new bag of sugar to go with my Weetabix this morning. I don't use much as the previous 1kg bag lasted for over 5 months.


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Its that windy the ferries are cancelled today, maybe tomorrow too, borders are closed so its only freight that is departing/arriving and some essential workers:sad:
I was watching a guy cutting down a scots pine yesterday, 'twas swaying a bit. On one of my walks I commented to his mate on the ground that he appeared to be, shall we say, crazy. He wholeheartedly agreed. Just before I left he was swinging from one side of the tree to the other!
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