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Well, it's 0-0 at half time. I think we're lucky, we've played totally shite.

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Land of Lincoln
I am planning a bike tour to the local Ferrero plant in the spring, maybe take a tour and get a crunch bar or sumthun. Maybe extend it to the sugar bush at Funks' Grove and the Lapidary Museum at the Funk Home, then go to the Dixie Truckers' Home (a famous truck stop) and maybe on in to Lincoln, Illinois(the only town Abraham Lincoln approved of being named for him. He christened the city with a watermelon, a statue of which is still on the grounds of Lincoln College) and throwing the bike aboard Amtrak to get home. Or I may just go to the Ferrero factory.
Pfegh... Don't care is Pepe cost £72 million, he's a bloody idiot! :angry:


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Pepe was talking to reporters during the week, complaining about not getting enough game time. Well he won't be getting any for a while now. Plonker.
Also Auba isn't going to score if they don't get the ball to him. We need somebody who can bring the ball through, likw Ramsey used to do.
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